Saturday, 17 April 2010

What I've been up to

I can't tell you about the main polymer clay project I have on the go as it is for my mum's birthday and she sometimes reads this blog. I'll tell you about it early May!

Whilst I was with family over Easter the kids, my niece and I had a quick polymer clay play. This is what I made having been reading Polymer Clay and Mixed Media-- Together at Last by Christi Friesen
Fimo polymer clay flower with beaded centre

 The beads were inserted before baking. It was a bit rushed but I decided it was worth baking. I tried out a few others that I did scrap before baking. It's soft Fimo Soft hence all the finger prints. I didn't sand it but gave it a light patina with silver acrylic paint. Not sure what I will do with it now.

I am trying to be a bit more strict about not baking stuff I am not sure about it. If you aren't sure before it's baked that isn't likely to change once it is baked. Unbaked scrap is more useful than baked scrap!

I also gave the bead I made the other day a patina whilst I had the paint out...
Not sure why I chose the light blue but it called to me when I went to my paint box. I think it works. I shall make this up into a bracelet with those chip beads I showed you a while a go.

I had another go at sanding those fopals a bit more too, I think they might come good with some more sanding, got fed up so will carry on another day.

I have a load of things I want to try out and lots of half finished things but the kids are back at school Monday so I hope to have time to do some.

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  1. The light blue with the green totally works, looks like verdigris.