Friday, 9 April 2010

Soft Fimo Soft - now I understand

Since I switched to Kato clay I was finding Fimo impossible to work with. I have said to several people, " Wierd how I use it and loved it for so many years and now find it just horribly sticky and soft and impossible to work with."  I assumed it was just becuase I had got used to the firmer Kato.

However a recent article on made me realise it wasn't me it was the clay! Staedtler have a facebook fan page and it is full of complaints from people saying the Staedtler brand blocks are too soft.

Although I have some older blocks of Eberhard Faber branded Fimo I had bought a load of new blocks which were Staedtler at the same time I bought my first Kato clay. So when I swapped to using Kato (which as I am sure you all know is a very firm clay) I also swapped to ridiculously soft Fimo. It also explains why the Fimo Classic I bought was no firmer than the fimo I was used to.


  1. I KNOW!!! Fimo soft has gone even softer and is terrible for canemaking and a whole lot of other things. In fact the whole thing is useless if you want to make jewelry or other things made to wear or use. The translucent is like chewing gum.

    I´ve sent an email to Staedtler it took a month to get answer to and Staedtler explained that they had put clay on the market without storing for two months which should make the clay better. Well, I´ve bought Fimo soft and stored it for 3 month and it don´t help.
    I´m really frustrated about this, cause the only claybrand I can get hold of is Fimo soft. It´s way too expencive to buy online due to heavy fees of costum etc. What can I do???????
    Canework is nearly out of the question. Staedtler is terrible who change the formula and make the clay even worse!!!

  2. I don't use Fimo now. I was advised by Sue Heaser to use Premo and get on with it much better. I found the Fimo colours came off on my hands.

  3. Dear surfingcat, dear Flowermouse Design and dear Fiona,

    I just stumbled upon your blog entries and I'm really sorry to hear that you have problems with FIMO polymer clay. Could you please tell me if you complain about FIMO soft or FIMO classic? As FIMO soft cannot be compared to Kato clay (it's more like Sculpey III or Pardo jewellery clay) I was wondering if you have already tried FIMO classic which is perfect for professionals and artists and can be blended with FIMO effect.

    May I suggest we send a product sample to you so you can try and see if FIMO classic is more suitable for your needs?

    If you're interested please write to and just tell my colleagues you're not satisfied with FIMO soft and you'd like to try FIMO classic.

    Thanks for feedback and kind regards, Yvonne from STAEDTLER Headquarters