Thursday, 8 April 2010

A different play dough way

Riduzione con didò 1
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Whilst having a stroll through flickr and admiring the work of Fimolare I came across this photo showing the play dough no background reduction technique (as developed by Idit Zoota). The packing is done with the play dough and just a wrapping of scrap clay.

This is different from the way I have tried it which is to use a thin sheet of playdough just to separate the cane from the scap clay and then pack with the scrap clay. Hmm my experimenting brain is thinking of trying some different ways - if I can stand the mess of cleaning up! Also this was done with home made playdough - I found it didn't work for me with Fimo but I am thinking perhaps I could make a stiffer more basic dough missing out some of the ingredients used to preserve such as the cream of tartar after all I am not going to be keeping it ....

Fimolare also has some good advice on cleaning up - suggesting separating the scrap clay and the cane and then holding them under running water to remove the bulk of the playdough before putting in separate pots of water. Also to change thewater regularly - makes sense to help the playdough dissolve as once there is a lot dissolved in the water it may become saturated and no more can dissolve. 

Unfortunately it is the school holidays and I am busy with my family so the clay experimenting will have to wait - I'll let you know as soon as I have any findings to report.

Here are a couple of flower beads I made using this technique


  1. I can't keep up with your output. School holidays or no, you still seem to get masses done.

  2. Your flowers are lovely. I am impressed with your blogging and have gone back and read most. Keep it up girl, I find your information quite helpful

  3. Fiona it's an illusion lol. I was always in awe of bloggers and wondered how on earth they had time to do stuff, and photograph it and then share it on a blog. I have discovered that the photgraphing doesn't take much effort if you just take your camera to the clay table with you and I spend far too much of my life fiddling about on the internet so it is a nice change to be doing something creative with that time (ie this blog)

    Thanks Lynn I will probably slow down a bit with the mad posting but will try and keep you up to date with my experimenting and learning.

    I don't intend to just make random posts for the sake of it (well at least not too often) so if you catch me doing that point me back to this comment. I want to share useful information and ideas to help us all grow as artists. It's so nice to know there are people out there who are interested in what I am up to.

    Wish I could be a bit more to the point sometimes lol

  4. thank you very much for including my work in your blog!