Sunday, 21 March 2010

What shall I do with those lentil beads?

Originally uploaded by purplecactusstudios
I have made several lentil beads in the past but they all sit in my big box of polymer clay things yet to be given a lease of life. The new improved me who actually makes things needs to get using them so what shall I do with them?

I found loads of lentil bead jewellery on flickr (that link will take you to my lentil bead gallery, wish you could have more than 18 images in a gallery I could have had lots more!).

I think I will look at making them into a necklace with some other beads inspired by these amazing necklaces by purplecactus studios. I really love their work it is so bright and interesting. I have plenty of purplecactus studios jewellery in my flickr favourites.

See more of Purple Cactus Studio's jewellery and other art at their website

I hope to be able to share some of the birthday presents I am making soon (when I have made them lol!)


  1. I am with you...purplecactusstudio creates some awesome lentil beads!

  2. I love the lentil beads on flickr that you shared. Great use of colors, thanks for the inspiration.