Thursday, 18 March 2010

First polymer clay buttons

Here are my first ever polymer clay buttons! Again it was using a Cindy Leitz video. They aren't great (my fault not Cindy's of course!), I can see lots of room for improvement.

I had problems with the cling film I was using sticking to the clay - must try a different brand. I would of squished them up but I liked the pattern (off cuts from a scrap clay Natasha bead). I think they might be rescued with some heavy sanding - round the edges too where I didn't do a great job with the cutter.

I also must remember that whilst transparent clay looks lovely and white next to colours when raw once baked it becomes more transparent (durr of course) and it's colour is affected by the background. I put these on dark scrap clay to make them thicker and it shows through. They looked prettier before they were baked with the bright white of the translucent. Must use a light background or just use white clay instead of transparent (although in this case it was translucent in the scrap bits so that wasn't a choice)

I think I will use these as the centre of some felt flower brooches. I will post a picture when I have got round to it....


  1. Cara, I think your buttons looks great. I made 200 of them before Cindy did her tut. Our clay guild had a button exchange. I was never happy with mine either. I had some trouble with the plastic wrap too so I took some lunch bags and cut them open and used them and it worked great. I also made some GITD butterfly buttons. I put you on my blog archive so I'm watching you and I love your blog.

  2. I agree with Bonnie...I think your buttons look fantastic and I love the colors you used (my favorite colors)! I haven't tried making buttons yet.

  3. Thanks, they look a lot better now they are smooth and the edges are neat.