Monday, 15 March 2010

Surf board spoon

It was my surf dude friend Al's birthday today. I decided (one of those lying in bed unable to sleep inspirations) to make him a surf board spoon. It turned out pretty well, my 5 year old son wants me to make him one now too. Here it is
I used a blue white and purple skinner blend stripe which I inlaid into the basic surf board shape which was made with translucent Kato polymer clay. I cover the spoon handle with white clay first as it showed too much without the covering. I also added a fin so there could be no doubt what it was. I hope it will be strong enough not to break too easily. It is made of Kato clay and was well blended in. I was sanding at night again and didn't see that spot I missed which is visable in the top photo. Must sand in daylight!


  1. Good idea. Tank you for your message on my blog. Pardon my english.

  2. Thank you Christiane. Your English is good, much better than my French and at least you made the effort to try. I should practise my French more I read so many great French blogs.