Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Photographing your work

I am not that happy with my current photographs but being on crutches at the moment I just can't fuss around setting up a photo session. I have a digital SLR but at the moment am using my Canon compact as I can carry it round in it's tiny pouch with a shoulder strap easily from clay space to comfy chair and laptop.

Once I am back on my feet I intend to set my self up to take some decent photographs and am looking at buying or more likely making some sort of mini studio -

 I have been reading up, thanks to some other bloggers.

There are some good links in this post http://polymer-clay-art.com/?p=224

Kate from Shibori Girl's blog has a tutorial for making your own light box here http://shiborigirl.blogspot.com/ . I think I might go down this route. I don't have any photographic lights but I do have a couple of very expensive full spectrum daylight bulbs which I was hoping would be bright enough - they give a good clean, natural looking light but I am not so sure they will be bright enough. Only one way to find out!

I'll update you on what I find to improve my photos. In the meantime I shall share one I am not happy with


  1. Cara, do you use any of the programs attached to your computer to change your photos? My computer has a program call Nero Photoshop and I edit and enhance and crop my photos right there. I just click on the photo I want to work on and right click on the mouse and it offers me all the programs to fix my pictures. Since my studio flooded I haven't been able to set up my picture box and lights but my pictures look ok because of Nero. By the way, I love your necklace and your surfing spoons.

  2. Thanks Bonnie. Yes I do use Picassa mainly and sometimes Adobe Photoshop Elements. Believe it or not this photo has been cropped and I tried to adjust the contrast, light levels but that was the best I could do in the few minutes I gave it. It was a dreadful starting shot taken at night under low energy room lights. I should just wait for daylight would be a start!

    I love taking photos and have a reasonable ammount of nice photogrpahy kit - just need some expertise now. Think I might go reading some photography blogs too.