Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sale success!

I had a great evening, thanks to Kate and Sarah for inviting me along with my jewellery! It was a lovely evening where people were having their feet pampered and milling around with wine and nibbles. I think I will have to add myself as a client next time! There were about 12 ladies there and many of them had ideas for different colour schemes or slightly different designs so I have some custom orders to get working on!

Here is a small selection of my sold items

Mokume Gane pendant

Petal earrings
scrap clay lentil bead

Didn't sell all these tonight but I did sell quite a few
I have another 3 sales in the next 5 weeks and some custom orders so I had better keep playing with my clay - such a hard life ;)


  1. Awesome! Congratulations on a great sale! Beautiful Mokume Gane pendant! Love your turtles!

  2. Yes, the little turtles are great!

  3. Cada dia haces Cosas Más lindas. Besos

  4. Love the mokume gane pendant. That is the technique for our upcoming clay guild challenge. I haven't tried it yet.