Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Measuring spoons

I made these a while back as a house warming present for a friend. I am busy making some jewellery for a sale on the 15th so will try and share some more of my experimenting after that when I have time. The white flower cane has green packing which works well for covering objects. It's made from Fimo soft so doesn't polish up as shiny as the Kato.


  1. How do you recommend that people wash these? Are there special care instructions because of the clay?

  2. Just not in the dishwasher!

    We have many polymer clay decorated spoons in our house (made by myself and my kids) and we use them daily. We don't have a dishwasher and they get washed in hot soapy water and they still look great after several years.

    I have never tried them in the dishwasher but I have heard people say that the water can burn/soften the clay and if water gets underneath the clay it can crack in the drying cycle.
    hope that answers your question