Sunday, 31 October 2010

Another sale and my new pendant!

I have been busy with another sale and 3 more on the way! Here is a picture of most of my sale set up, there's a bit more on the left which is missing but you get the general idea. It was at a party of my sisters (slighty strange) but good fun as I got to go to a party and talk about my passion most of the night!
Sale table
 I bought myself a new top and couldn't resist making a pendant to match! I have just discovered making cabochons thanks to Donna Kato's -The Art of Polymer Clay Creative Surface Effects book. I'll take a close up photo to show you in the daylight tomorrow. didn't have time when I made it as I made it the morning of the sale - like you do! I think it was my antidote to the overwhelming amount of stuff I was trying to do - ignore it all and play with clay!
Me wearing the pendant I made to match my new top


  1. Nice table setup! Absolutely love the top and pendant! Cute picture of you!

  2. Making a piece to match an outfit is one of my favorite things to do. I have one necklace I made that never fails to get noticed when I wear the "matching" dress. And, how convenient, the occasion always provides me the chance to tell them about polymer clay and my shop!

  3. Very impressed with what looks to be an excellent match of colours.

  4. Thank you all. I had the top on my work table so the colours were perfect match in the uncured clay. Being Kato they didn't change too much. I will get a close up photo for you to see. Cara