Sunday, 23 May 2010

Variation is the splice of life....

My favourite necklace right now is my spliced flower cane one that I made recently with the matching bracelet. 
one of the spliced flower cane beads

I decided to play about with the spliced flower technique to see what would happen. 

I turned them inside out (I normally put the white in the center)
the starting skinner blend logs rolled so the white is on the outside

the restacked logs after first bit of squashing
The finished flower
I tried 3 colour skinner blends

Using a couple of offcuts of 3 colour skinner blends
Here are the skinner blend logs before cutting into quarters
skinner blend logs cut and stacked ready to be squashed
The end result

1 comment:

  1. Cara, love your spliced flowers. That is one of my favorite canes to do. I did some with Studio by Sculpey clay and they were great.
    Your colors turned out wonderful.