Friday, 21 May 2010

Bam Bam Bracelet

I recently bought the bam bam bracelet tutorial from Tina Holden. I finally got a chance to try it out yesterday, a bit of a bracelety day. Again I can't say much about what I did - you'll have to get the tutorial yourself! It is very comprehensive and is broken down into lots of tiny steps.

I am wearing it now, it fits! I didn't break it! I think I shall take what I learnt from this back to the Scrap MG bracelet for attempt 3! Thanks Tina it's a great tutorial.

I think when I make another one I would put beads between the 2 sections (it's one of the options there are instructions for in the tutorial) as the joins are quite obvious (they were better before I sanded them!)  and the beads would make it look like part of the design.


  1. Thanks Cara for posting this and for back linking. You did a fine job and love the cane pattern, reminds me of snake skin. Seeing this makes me want to create more Bam Bams too ;)

  2. I got this tutorial as well. And put beads between the two halves. I ought to post it up. It fits well. Must do another one.

  3. Great bracelet - it looks so smooth, almost snake-like with the pattern.