Thursday, 31 March 2011


 This one was a birthday present for my sister in law,  to go with the tiny tulip tile earrings she had bought from me already.

 And then I made a very simple tiny choker which was snapped up at my sale last Friday. Think I will have to make some more!

I've also had enquiries about making another set of cake forks, which I realise I haven't shown you, and worse I realise I didn't photograph! The first tulip set I made were for some dear friends who live in Holland as a wedding present and took hours so I am not quite sure about the price, I will have to make another one to work out the time it takes so I can cost them.


  1. I really have been enjoying your blog. I am quite new to polymer clay and have learned so much from you already.
    Thanks so much

  2. thanks, glad you are enjoying it. I enjoy writing it too.