Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Polymer Pamper and Play was Perfect!

Wow what a weekend Polymer Pamper Play was!  It was so well organised, Rebecca and Debbie had thought of everything! It was a great group of friendly and talented ladies and it was great to get to know you all a bit better. The best thing was staying all together in the same place, sharing meals together, having time to talk and being able to play with our clay before breakfast, in the middle of the night.... Wonderful!  There are some pictures from the event on the Polymer Pamper Play website here.

Here's some of what I made in the workshops

Carol Blackburn's Ikat beads workshop.

My favourite two pieces, I think you will be seeing more like these!

Christine Dumont's Butterfly Bead Workshop

Christine Dumont's Butterfly Bead Workshop

Another inspiration came from my dear friend Toni's top -I shalln't embarrass her with a photo of her but here's her top

Here's the pendant I made at the event

I wasn't   happy with how the cane worked out - once I had started on a small element I realised quite the scale of it and dramatically simplified it. I made a construction error and due to the warmth in the room wasn't able to pull the pieces apart (you often can with Kato) so had to reduced the irregular shaped petals fully constructed which lead to a lot of distortion. I like the overall effect of it and can't wait to make some more black and white flower canes!

If you live in the UK you really should come to the 2012 Polymer Pamper Play, it really was blissful on all levels as advertised! Thank you so much Rebecca and Debbie for organising it, can't wait til next year!


  1. Es todo precioso, me gustaria asistir, pero España está un poco lejos. Besos

  2. sí es un poco lejos para ti, eso es una vergüenza

  3. Hi Cara, It was so lovely to meet you in person at last. What a brilliant weekend we had - but I am still feeling exhausted!!! Your pieces look wonderful in the photos, but looked even better in real life x

  4. Aren't I lucky!!! I adore the pendant Cara made for me and wear it with pride. Bless you for not showing the top with me in it.....
    It really was a fab weekend and I will for sure be at the next one.

  5. I can't believe I missed Toni's pendant coming out of the oven - it’s lovely as is all your beads and pendants.

    I am so glad you enjoyed the weekend, my mind is still buzzing with ideas and fond memories.

    I loved organising the event and can't wait for next years. Details will be released soon.


  6. Dear Surfing Cat.

    Please can you contact me; we are seeking testers for a new 'Professional' polymer clay to replace Kato, which has become 'difficult' to source. I would like to put you in contact with the manufacturers, based in Europe, so that they can supply you with samples.

    Sorry to use this route, but it seems the most effective!

    And the offer is availabe to anyone who is a current active user of Kato clays and concerned about finding a suitable, economic, replacement.

    Ian Bowers (