Monday, 5 July 2010

Sutton slice technique

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Whilst at Polymer Play Days I saw some stunning jewellery both for sale and being worn by the other participants. I shall perhaps try to feature some in the coming days. One of the pieces I admired had been made by Irene Hoiles using the Sutton Slice technique. She was kind enough to describe the process to us. I couldn't wait to try it out so had a go in my hotel room (luckily I was given some stamps in the goody bags we were given when we registered).

I used a tiny flower from a larger stamp, pressing white clay into the stamp and then shaving off the excess clay

Here is is after pressing a piece of blue clay on top

I used my lovely new cutters that I bought from Valerie (no they aren't rusty it's funny lighting I think)

Little finished piece
It's not perfect by any means but I had got the basics of the technique. Tonight I decided to practise it. Hmm I think it was beginners luck before and I had many attempts to get anything that wasn't screwed up for scrap. The problem seems to be to get the clay to 'stick' in the stamp whilst you are shaving of the excess and then getting it out. I can do one no problem, but not both. If I spray the stamp with a mist of water the clay will lift out easily - too easily so it just lifts out when I try to shave it. If I don't it will stick in well to shave it but not come out completely. I guess perhaps my shaving technique needs improving. As always tips most gratefully received!

Here are my efforts tonight. I do think getting the right stamp is important too. I don't have many deep stamps so will have to keep a look out for some better ones for clay work. These were 2 of the several I tried which worked best.
Clay in stamp

Clay on black backing

Using a different stamp


  1. Cara, sounds like you had a great time. I wanted to tell that Lisa Pavelka has a new book out called "The Complete Book of Polymer Clay" and it shows how to do the Sutton Slice in there. It's a really good book. I just got a bunch of Valerie's little cutters and I love them.
    I bought some rubber stamps that are used for candle making to us to do the Sutton slice and they work really good. Love your blog.

  2. Thanks Bonnie. Sounds like a good excuse to buy a new book to me ;) Aren't the cutters great, I bought all sorts of other fancy shapes too but I love those little circle ones and have used them heaps already.