Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Look what my kids made!

These are the end of year present for my kids teachers. I tried to persuade them to make a covered spoon or a pen as I thought these would be more useful presents but they were both quite determined to give jewellery (guess it is often what I give these days). Daisy in particular really loved my necklace below and wanted to make one just like it for her teachers.
The inspiration made by me
I obviously showed them what to do but the following necklaces were made entirely by my children! They chose the colours and the way the beads were put together.

James aged nearly 6 made these for his teacher and his Beavers leader

Daisy at work

Daisy aged 4 and a half made these for her 2 nursery teachers

Daisy made the blue one first about a week ago and then made the other today - she even remembered how to make Natalia's 'Spongia' beads (they are the central ruffled looking ones)

Can't wait to see what they are creating in a few years time!


  1. Hi Daisy and James! You guys are good artists, just like your Mom is! I liked seeing what you made for your teachers. ~Jackie

  2. James and Daisy are as talented as their mother. What lovely gifts for their teachers and lovely memories for the three of you. BJ

  3. You have some up an coming artists there!!! Great color it!

  4. Oh my, what a cutie and what great necklaces she's made. The colors are great as are the proportions. She will go far for sure.

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  6. I can just imagine how excited the kids must be with what they've made. What a thrill to see their teacher's surprise and delight when they opened these truly fabulous necklaces. Please tell them that there is one clay lady that can't wait too see what they do next....Me.

  7. thank you all, I will keep you posted with what they are up to. we have been away this last week but hope to get some clay time soon!