Friday, 4 February 2011

Choker necklaces and new pendants

Suddenly everywhere I look there are choker necklaces - and they look fab!  I wanted to make some but wasn't sure where to get them in the UK (did have a look on the bead supply websites but didn't find them).

At the London Polymer Clay Group meeting on Sunday, Rebecca Thickbroom  (who is one of the organisers of the Polymer, Pamper, Play event I am very much looking forward to!) showed some beautiful choker necklaces

Rebecca's beautiful choker pendants!

They were inspired by the amazing work of Helen Briel and made using one of her texture stamps

Even the back of Rebecca's pendants are beautiful!

Rebecca was able to tell me where she bought her wire chokers  in the UK and I ordered some.

So I was playing with my rainbow stripe jellyroll cane and planning on making a cabochon pendant with it. I decided to make a round one and use a large cane slice in the middle. I carefully firmed the first slice right in the middle and then looked at it and couldn't see how I could tidily cover the rest without any big black gaps or over lapping the middle slice, which I didn't want to do. And as happens with all the best pieces it just made itself.


 I loved the basic concept but was concerned with how I was going to sand it, I only wanted to sand the cane slice and I had smoothed it flush with the black. Also it was bulky - then I had a light bulb moment ;)

This is the first time I have used a light bulb to cure polymer clay in a dome shape, luckily I had put the last one that blew in my clay supplies for just such a moment (as you can see I was getting carried away with my rainbow jellyroll and signature canes)
So here is the end result of the lightweight pendant which drew inspiration from Rebecca's pendants above. I used a very similar textured back which is beautiful, professional looking and best of all doesn't need sanding - genius! Another opportunity to use my signature cane. I just love this, especially strung on the choker wire (so much easier than making up a cord like I normally do!).

I have a small sale in my local church hall (as part of a friends foot pampering night) next week and I shall be making some more along these lines to see if other people like them as much as me!

Phew! Think I am done for now. Thanks for sticking with it.
Cara x

(still not perfect but better photos at least)


  1. Love those colors. Is that Premo?

    I will do pictures after they are wire wrapped. Hope to learn more in Tucson.

  2. Computer is playing up at the moment so I can only see a few photos but that last pendant is gorgeous!

    I have 2 lightbulbs ready for cooking clay on - they have been like that for months and i still haven't used them!

  3. Thanks

    Bonnie, it's Kato -The red, yellow and violet are straight from the packet (unusual for me these days)the others are custom mixes.

    Jo if only there were more hours in the day we could do all those projects we have in mind! Hope your computer stops playing up soon.

  4. Hi Cara, the top two pictures are not showing up but you probaly know that already, glad you found the chockers, neat pendants!

  5. Sorry the missing pictures were my fault, I didn't insert them the normal way and although the show fine in google chrome the didn't in other browsers. Hopefully they are all working now and you can enjoy Rebecca's pendants too!