Friday, 21 January 2011

New blog

I have been having a dilemma recently about wanting to provide my customers with a point of contact on the web but not really wanting them all here on my blog that I share with my polymer clay friends around the world. I want to keep this blog for what it was intended - a place to share my experience with polymer clay and not just an advertising space or loads of dates and venues that aren't relevant to you my current readers cause you live too far away (wish you all lived closer and we could play with clay together!).

So for the moment I am going to try out having 2 blogs - this one and my Cara Jane Contemporary Jewellery blog. I have only just set it up, haven't finished tweaking and so haven't promoted it to any customers yet (unless they have found this blog!). If any of you need an extra thing to do and fancy taking a peak and offering any constructive feedback please do!

I apologise for being quiet here I have been going back to basics designing some workshops suitable for beginners as people have been asking for them. I think I am nearly there with organising workshops so hopefully I will find some time to try out some of the ideas I have been dreaming of and using my new books! I hope you are all having a creative year

Cara x

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