Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Purple and green jewellery set

Here's some green and purple jewellery I made using the technique I learnt from Natalia Garcia de Leaniz  at Polymer Plays Days in Nottingham earlier this year.

Yes a hat pin! But can also been worn as a brooch or decorating a bag.

You may recognise these colours as being the project which produced the scrap clay for the lentil pendant I showed you recently.


  1. Cara, these are gorgeous. Does Natalia sell her tutorial for this? I would buy it.
    Great job and I love your colors.

  2. thank you both. Not that I know it but she should! She has other tutorials at Craft Edu

  3. Beautiful. I love the color combination.

  4. A wonderful set of purple and green jewellery for the taking. The colour combination makes it even more attractive.