Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Emerald green custom order

 I had a custom order for a flower pendant in Emerald Green. I had some similar style pendants (the technique is from Ayelet Beads flower tutorial which I would highly recommend!) but I found it really hard to know if the customer would like them so I made a few variations. Hopefully she will get to see them this week (I have a sale on Saturday so I want to put the ones she doesn't choose on display then) so I will let you know which one she chooses. My favourite is the top one.


  1. Son todos un encanto, pero mi preferido también es el primero. Besos

  2. Cara - Your work goes from strength to strength. I agree, the top one is really beautiful.

  3. Thank you. She chose the bottom one so I might just steal the top one for myself ;)

  4. stuning !!! stuning!!! thanks for the ref' .
    love what you made of it1