Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Polymer Play Days - Nottingham - June 2010 - WOW!

WOW! What a totally fabulous weekend. I was very excited about going but the event surpassed all my hopes and expectations. I met some fabulous new people (who know what polymer clay is - hurrah! ;), I attended 6 brilliant classes and learned so much. I made some stuff I am really proud off. It was amazing to be able to spend all day doing nothing but playing with clay in good company. A huge thank you to Helen and all the others involved for making this event happen!

Here is my first batch of photos  - plenty more to follow but I can't wait to try some of these things again so I am going to play with clay instead of play with photos just now.

What I made in Natalia Garcia de Leaniz's class

What I made in Alison Gallant's class

What I made in Sylvie Peraud's class

I couldn't wait to try this again so had a go that night in my hotel room!


  1. Beautiful pieces! Sounds like a wonderful retreat and it shows in your work! - Marlene

  2. Oh I am so jealous. Maybe next year. I especially like your black and white pieces.

  3. There is nothing quite like that first experience of spending time with people who are as clay crazy as you are! After struggling on my own, I went on a polymer clay cruise in 2008, got to know 4 other people from my general area on that cruise so we have formed a guild. So once a month we get together and play ALL DAY! Plus an occasional clay play day where nobody is teaching, we're just all doing our own thing but with lots of laughter! From the project pictures here, it looks like you had a great time!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun! I especially like the last grouping you did in the lime and turquoise. Is very unique.

  5. I'm so glad you posted some photos! I went last year and had to pass this time. Your pieces are so beautiful! Great job!

  6. Thank you all.

    The lime and turquoise necklace (wearing it today) was very heavily inspire by some of the teacher's example pieces so thanks to Natalia for that. I will try and get my work from the other classes posted up today but taking my daughter to visit her school for next year this afternoon so that'll keep us busy!