Sunday, 28 February 2010

New Color Inspirations Topic

I have made a new topic (see link on right) to show my work from Polymer Clay Color Inspirations by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio. I am just starting out with the exercises  but will update it as I go along. I was inspired to do this after visitng Jeanette Kandray's Clay, Color, Creativity blog . . I really enjoyed reading about her experiences with the exercises so here are mine.


  1. Colors just make the difference. As being synesthete I live a life in colors. Synesthesia means that I see colors when I see words and numbers.I transform this in paintings of names and birthdays.

  2. Wow your life must be very colourful!
    I couldn't imagine what a name might look like but have checked out your paintings. Very cool. Do you get a sense of the patterns too?